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"Exposé" Afinsa - Escala (I) - "Money is a bitch that never sleeps" - 4.11.12

Michael Douglas in "Money never sleeps".

¿Do you want to know more about the "work" done by short sellers and hedge funds on Afinsa and Escala?  Just keep reading.

"Exposé"  Afinsa - Escala (II): "Naked short sellers"  - 4.11.12

More and more articles in the Internet refer to naked short selling attacks directed against Escala , and the looting and demolition of commercial Afinsa

The following links give a pretty good idea of what we have been reporting, time and again: the intervention of Afinsa has nothing to do, whatsoever, with any fraud or Ponzi scheme, but with a political operation, with financial implications, launched with the collaboration of "actors" located at least in three countries: USA, Great Britain and of course, Spain.

And more on the same topic:

"Exposé" Afinsa - Escala" (III):  "Market Manipulation of Escala" - 6.11.12

Dear friends: Visits to our Channel have become international. You can not imagine the diversity of readers from other countries that visit us. 

Dear friends: Visits to our Channel have become international. You can not imagine the diversity of readers from other countries that visit us.

Especially frequent are the readings from the United States, a country with which Afinsa was linked through its subsidiary Spectrum (formerly Scale).

Since the scope of our dispossession needs to be spread and known as much as we can, I request your support and understanding. From now on, there will be documents, writings, and annotations in English.

I can not promise that all texts will be translated into Spanish, but I will do my best to translate the substance of its contents. Sure you understand the reasons: I have no time even to breathe.

That said, if any of you want give me a hand to translate the text to Spanish, is very welcome. Heartfelt thanks, in advance.
To start with, here's one that is certainly interesting. It is a lengthy and complex report, which was preceded by another very similar, which you already know: Greg Manning's statement, as former president of Scale (now Spectrum), before the Senate of the United States, a month after Afinsa raid.

This document was drafted later and, therefore, it is more complete as to expose some details about the harassment and demolition of Afinsa and short sellers attacks.

When Manning declared in front of the Senate, either he had no data, since some events had not taken place yet. Also, he discovered some important facts in the following months after his statement. For its size, (40 pages), I will not translate it, but I will insert Manning statement in Spanish, so you can get an idea of its contents because, as I say, are very similar on the basics.

In addition, on successive days, I will reproduce some passages that I think of great interest. I do not want to overload you with information, so I´ll proceed little by little.

This move is aimed at spreading the crime that was committed with Afinsa and with us.

English will facilitate the reading to foreign journalists (Needless to say, it would be great to "pass the word" through emails that were directed to press, politicians and international institutions).

The whole world has to know that in Spain there is no legal certainty. Everybody must know also that Zapatero's socialist government has robbed us and the Government of Rajoy has abandoned us and deceived. Inexplicably, this Government has not fulfilled its promises regarding our collective looting

Thanks for your understanding. Afinsa Channel takes another leap forward in our desire to do everything in our power so that the truth of this execrable act of spoliation, and economic terrorism comes to light.

Again. Thank you very much to all for your understanding.

"Exposé" Afinsa  - Escala: (IV) "Hedge fund Louis Corrigan placed a false complaint in Spain, against Afinsa, in july 2005"  - 7.11.12

Yesterday, November 6, we published a document released by Greg Manning in 2009, which provides, in essence, the statement made by the former CEO of Escala, before the Senate of the United States in June 2006, with additional information obtained by a research done after his statement. 

To put "in context" document "2009 report Market Manipulation of Escala", we will insert in next posts the full Manning statement, together with translation into Spanish.

In the latter Channel Afinsa includes some notes that may help understanding what Manning declared. We have also highlighted some paragraphs which we consider extremely important, as they relate in part to the actions carried out by Louis Corrigan, vulture fund manager, who denounced Afinsa to the Attorney General, in Spain

His complaint was declared admissible. The content of it is almost entirely contained in the indictment made by the prosecution.

To get into the matter fully, the document below is the letter-complaint of Corrigan. In upcoming posts will transfer some data, dates and the some “interesting” details concerning names and references cited therein)

For now, we limit this post to read the original document of the complaint (We are working with the translation of Manning personal remarks about the document)

Kingsford Complaint to the Spanish government regarding Afinsa,
Letter from Louis Corrigan of Kingsford Capital to the Fiscalia General Del Estado in Madrid requesting an investigation into Afinsa’s stamp programs and alleging legal infractions and fraud. This letter is followed by a point by point refutation by Greg Manning of each and every allegation. Manning also points out the collusion between Neil A. Martin and Louis Corrigan, citing specific incidents and naming individuals who can collaborate his claims.

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